49 minutes | Nov 12th 2020

Bean Protocol, Managing Bipolar, TRT and Autophagy | THRR055

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Newborn Nutrition; mTOR, TRT & Autophagy; What the Beans?!!; Type 2 Diabetic BJJ Recovery; Managing Bipolar

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Show Notes:

News topic du jour:

A Review on the Serum Electrolytes and Trace Elements Role in the Pathophysiology of COVID-19


1. Newborn Nutrition [15:13]

Nate says:

Robb and Nicki,

Thanks so much for this awesome podcast and content you put out. I picked up the habit of jogging/walking in the mornings due to quarantine and everything, and the podcast is the thing I look forward to listening to most.

Anyway, my wife and I are expecting our first baby in February (quarantine baby). I feel like I've learned how to navigate the marketing gimmicks and bull shit labels that the food industry puts on my food, but how do you translate that to a baby? I want to avoid being sitting ducks to the baby food marketing geniuses, and to the pamphlets I'm sure the doctors office is going to hand us about some type of baby food pyramid.

My wife plans on breastfeeding.

Main Questions:

How long would you recommend breast feeding, and is there a point where you incorporate real food in addition to breast feeding?

How soon can you introduce animal products? I saw some bone broth type baby food packs (I think either Robb or Diana Rodgers recommended it somewhere).

Extra Question if you have time:

Knowing what you know now, what is one thing you would do differently, or wish you did more of when your daughters were new borns (for baby nutrition, or otherwise)? Or some things that you did that worked particularly well? (I've already bought the baby sleep solution book you've recommended).

More info (if it is helpful):

The baby is a boy.

My wife and I are both healthy 34 year olds. Her mother will be with us through most of the breastfeeding phase (Nicki mentioned before that having someone to help with that would have been helpful). My wife is not keto, would an increase in electrolytes (specifically sodium) still be beneficial for milk production?



2. mTOR, TRT & Autophagy [23:46]

Carter says:

Thank you for answering the coffee question!! I tried a more expensive organic mycotoxin free coffee and had great success so THANK YOU.

My question now is if I'm on TRT injecting twice per week for a total of 100mg/week will I get any autophagy from fasting? I'd like to do a 3 day fast to help heal my nervous system and leaky gut. I'm just concerned that I may be in a constant anabolic state with high mTOR blocking autophagy. Thanks again Rob and Nikki


3. What the Beans?!! [28:51]

Brenna says:

Gutten Tag! from Minnesota. Have you heard of Karen Hurd the bean lady?  As an RD I'd heard about her years ago from a client, and thought her protocol was nuts! (literally)  And then I forgot about her until Mark Sisson wrote a post about her because Julie B. of PaleOMG is doing the protocol. So Mark's post is nice and all, but he didn't look too far into Karen's biochem of why the protocol works. She is also very against saturated fat, especially coconut oil, and loves unsaturated fats. Im curious as to your thoughts on her protocol and understanding the physiology.  And are our poops really supposed to float.  I'd always been taught no.

Thanks from the land of 1000 lakes.

a few links:




4. Type 2 Diabetic BJJ Recovery [36:15]

Matt says:

Hi Robb and Nicki,

Love the show and your books. I have a question for your podcast. I'm a type 2, possibly type 1.5 diabetic.  I dropped 45 pounds when I was diagnosed but it seems to be genetic in my family so is just getting worse not better even after the weight loss. Age 47, I do weights, cardio and yoga once or twice a week each.  I'm a 4 stripe white belt in BJJ.  I try to train 3-6 times a week in BJJ.  After BJJ, particularly sparring (but sometimes just drilling) I get extreme soreness, to the point I struggle to sleep sometimes. I know about low intensity exercise, hot and cold etc for recovery but I'm in pain all the time. Am I just old or is my diabetes causing this by slowing my recovery?  

I try to eat fairly low carb high protein. Probably around 2400 cal 100-150g carbs and 220+ g protein. Too many carbs really shoots my blood sugar up. I’m also sitting at a desk all day and more so in lockdown so not moving much other than mentioned before. I’m walking around the house now and wincing in pain when I get up or sit down. It sounds silly but this just doesn’t seem normal. Any advice greatly appreciated.




Type 1 Grit facebook group


5. Managing Bipolar [42:19]

Christy says:

Hi Robb,

I am a long time listener. I started reading and listening around 2011, when I switched to a paleo diet and saw improvements in my overall health.

I have bipolar 2 disorder without psychosis. I mostly deal with severe long term depression. Once every few years there’s some hypomania thrown in. The last episode was triggered by an SSRI due to a misdiagnosis.

There was one year—2012 or so— when I was stable and happy and off meds. I was eating a strict Paleo Solution diet and was working out, sleeping, and getting sunlight. I was doing everything by the book. I also didn’t have kids yet.

Since having kids, I have found it impossible to maintain the lifestyle as well as I need. Postpartum depression kicked my butt and sort of never left.

Standard treatment is mood stabilizers. Even lamictal, which is considered the “best” in terms of its low risk of side effects, is giving me vertigo, making me dumb, and making me feel like I have chronic morning sickness. I am gaining weight because I’m always hungry— something the doctors said wouldn’t happen. And no, I don’t normally struggle with my weight.

Aside from being militant about everything I mentioned earlier— sleep, exercise, diet, and sunlight— do you know of any specific protocols for managing bipolar off meds? Even the mention of this sends people into a tailspin, but it’s something I am really looking into.

You’ve been so helpful throughout the years. Thank you!


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