39 minutes | Jun 14, 2021

How to Be More Accountable to Your Goals with Lindsey House

On this episode, we have Lindsey House of Health Accountability Coach.For most of us accountability is hard, and Lindsey dives into why that is and tips to be more accountable to yourself and your goals.About LindseyAfter leaving a background of outpatient weight management counseling and personal training clients, Lindsey started her own company in 2017 where she sees most clients virtually. The virtual world provides the opportunity to meet face-to-face while omitting annoying scheduling conflicts or logistic barriers. Lindsey says her clients always say “I know what to do and just need to do it”. Listening to their needs, Lindsey took on the role of  “Accountability Coach” and provides accountability and coaching through group and individual consults.Lindsey decided to take the accountability piece one step further and open a membership for her followers called “Power House”. This is a virtual community of like-minded individuals that all want to keep their goals at the top of their priority list. Goals range from nutrition, fitness, organization, family flow and so much more. The Power House Membership Community all believes that accountability is the underpinning of everything that we do and we are working together to thrive, not just survive! Lindsey can be found at: www.healthaccountabilitycoach.comFB: @houselifestylesIG: @houselifestylesLinkedIn: Lindsey HousePodcast: Direction Not PerfectionBook: Direction Not Perfection (affiliate link) – accountability and coaching from your wine-loving dietitianTo Join Power House Community:https://www.healthaccountabilitycoach.com/power-house-membership-cover-pageFree Resources:https://www.healthaccountabilitycoach.com/book-free-resources
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