49 minutes | Jun 24, 2019

S2:3: Putting the Kids First

Concerned about how a divorce will affect your children? Divorce with children can feel scary. Listen in as a team of experts provide support and information to help you tell your children about the separation or divorce, maintain healthy relationships with both parents, how to parent separately with your spouse, and manage your own emotions when it comes to your kids. Key Points: - Learn the critical messages that need to be part of the conversation. - Understand how children commonly respond, and how you can provide loving support at each stage. - Prepare to negotiate your parenting agreement and establish a strong parenting relationship through divorce and beyond. - Learn how to manage the sadness, guilt and/or anxiety of seeing your child in distress. Strike a balance between your child's needs and your own. Sponsored by Main Line Family Law Center For more information, please visit: Main Line Family Law Center at https://myhealthydivorce.com Episode Host, Adina Laver, Founder, Courage to Be Curious, (formerly Divorce Essentials) Find Adina Laver at: https://couragetobecurious.com Guest: Sandi Sherr, M.Ed and Stephanie Newberg About Sandi: Sandi Sherr, M.Ed, is a parenting mediator for Main Line Family Law Center. For over 25 years, Sandi has been dedicated to building strong, healthy families. Sandi sees the positive first; she recognizes strengths and uses them to bolster confidence and achieve outcome objectives. Always focused on the best interests of children, Sandi brings her energy for parenting—with all its emotional, educational, and social challenges—to benefit yours. Her M.Ed. in special education and psycholinguistics has taken her to practically every kind of setting devoted to working with children and their families or caregivers. Her range of psycho-educational experience includes adult behavior therapy; adoption counseling; parenting education; foster care; child development; adolescent special needs; early childhood intervention; and parenting her own three children. To the latter end, she is a veteran volunteer and office holder in her community school district. For more information or advice on creating a healthy parenting plan, contact Sandi at ssherr@mlfamilylawcenter.com. About Stephanie: Stephanie Newberg is a licensed psychotherapist and works with individuals, couples and families. She has been in practice for 15 years specializing in family and couples counseling, co-parenting counseling, implications of divorce on families and grief and loss issues. Stephanie has led numerous workshops and presentations and has published articles on relationship and communication skills, co-parenting counseling, coping with family stressors and children's mental health issues. She lives and practices in Bryn Mawr, PA. To request an appointment, contact Stephanie at stephanie@stephanienewberg.com or visit her at stephanienewberg.com.
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