50 minutes | Jun 17, 2019

S2:1: What Your Child Really Needs

Worried about how your children will cope with the divorce? Being attuned to your child is critical to them bouncing back from divorce. Listen as experts provide support and information to help you to understand how your divorce experience differs from your child's, help you talk to your children about the divorce, help you think about how your children will view the divorce as adults, and help you work out child support and custody issues productively. Key Points:  - While you can see the long-term benefit of divorce, your child may be unable to visualize their future. - Learn to use appropriate language to instill confidence and alleviate fears. - What will your children remember ten years from now? How can you ensure they see the best parts of you and your ex-spouse through this? Find out. - Learn how to put your children's needs first - clearly and unequivocally - and resolve many heated issues. Split Film Documentary: http://www.splitfilm.org/ Sponsored by Main Line Family Law Center For more information, please visit: Main Line Family Law Center at https://myhealthydivorce.com Episode Host, Adina Laver, Founder, Courage to Be Curious, (formerly Divorce Essentials) Find Adina Laver at: https://couragetobecurious.com Guests: Christina McGhee, MSW About Christina: Christina McGhee, MSW is an internationally recognized divorce coach, speaker and author of the highly acclaimed book, Parenting Apart: How Separated and Divorced Parents can Raise Happy and Secure Kids. Christina, dubbed the “divorce coach” by the UK press, gained worldwide attention for her work with three British families in the Channel 4 documentary “How to Divorce Without Screwing Up Your Kids.” She has been featured on television, radio and in print around the US and abroad, including the BBC, HLN with Kyra Phillips, Fox Family, LA Talk Radio, the Dr. Laura Berman Radio Show, Parents Magazine and The Times.  Today she spends much of her time doing outreach, promoting and speaking around the documentary SPLIT. Released in 2014, this compelling film about how divorce affects kids inspired McGhee to become involved as subject matter expert and creative team member. Married for twenty years, Christina is both a stepmom and a mom of four.
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