63 minutes | Jun 22, 2021

On the Path to KnowWare with Jay Arthur

Jay is the shortcut to results with Lean Six Sigma. Jay is the only resultant that teaches people how to solve operational problems involving delay, defects, and deviation in one day using Excel and the Magnificent Seven Tools of Lean Six Sigma. Jay was trained in the Deming Award Winning Florida Power and Light improvement process in 1990. He has worked as both a quality and process manager within a Fortune 50 company and on his own as a Six Sigma resultant. Jay applies the 4/50 rule to the discipline of Lean Six Sigma and excels at finding the 4% of the knowledge and tools that are needed to deliver over 50% of the results. He is the author of Lean Six Sigma Demystified, McGraw Hill, and six other Lean and Six Sigma books. Jay is also the creator of the QI Macros for Excel, an SPC software package that leverages the power of Microsoft Excel to draw all of the charts and graphs needed for Lean Six Sigma and SPC. Has your Six Sigma Software developer written books on both software engineering and Lean Six Sigma? Jay Arthur has: Improving Software Quality, Software Evolution, Rapid Evolutionary Development, Unix Shell Programming, and Measuring Programmer Productivity and Software Quality. Jay is also a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which can accelerate your learning experience. He is the author of How to Motivate Everyone and the co-author of The Motivation Profile, a self-paced guide that has been used in Fortune 500 companies to train sales personnel and to diagnose and resolve conflict in ailing teams. Jay has written five John Wiley and Sons books on software engineering and holds a BS in Systems Engineering from the University of Arizona. Here in Episode #123, Jay starts our show with a “Berwick-ism” to pledge allegiance to science and evidence. Jay shares an overview of his career path and how he became the Chief Geek of KnowWare International. His passion for helping organizations to save time, money, and lives is undeniable throughout our entire interview. We reminisce on our shared beginnings with Florida Power and Light. He tells us the story of QI Macros and highlights many of the value-adding features. Jay teaches us why we should become masters of the Magnificent 7 tools of quality. He shares a client success story connected with making data-driven decisions. Jay reminds us of the fact that there is no such thing as perfect data, and gives his silver bullet solution for healthcare organizations to improve performance.  • Connect with Jay on LinkedIn • Access Jay’s Agile for Healthcare video • Access Jay’s Agile LSS Ebook • Access Jay’s Agile Mini Manifesto • Access Jay’s Magnificent Seven tools • Access Jay’s Agile LSS Training Materials • Access Jay’s Trillion-Dollar Prescription Webinars • Access Jay’s Free Yellow Belt Training • Access the Healthcare QualityCast LinkedIn Group • Leaves Us a Rating --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/healthcarequalitycast/message
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