57 minutes | Aug 17, 2021

A Journey to Healthcare Quality and Safety with Moataz Mohammad

Moataz Mohammad Maamoun Hamed is a 27-year-old Egyptian, known for my honesty, friendliness, and perseverance. In college, Moataz majored in economics, but for many reasons that he shares in our interview, decided to make a huge career shift into Healthcare Quality. Some people questioned his decision saying he didn’t have a healthcare background, but Moataz only listened to those who supported him and ultimately found his path. Moataz has successfully completed a Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Total Quality Management at the American University in Cairo, trained in “Healthcare Quality and Accreditation at Al-Mokawilon-Al-Arab Hospital, self-studied and became a certified professional in Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety after passing both the CPHQ and the CPPS exams with outstanding marks. He also became an IRCA-Certified ISO 9001 auditor, and an ISQUA Member and Fellow. Lastly, he journeyed to the UK to earn a Master of Science in Quality and Patient Safety Improvement. Today, Moataz serves as a Quality Specialist at a 100-bed hospital in Jeddah-KSA and provides daily leadership in the hospital’s accreditation preparation efforts, along with many other Quality Management and Patient Safety activities. Moataz’s journey is clearly one of passion and inspiration; as he aspires to work in the quality department of a prestigious healthcare institute, where he can continue to systematically make a difference in improving the safety of patients as well as the quality of care they receive. Here in Episode #131, Moataz starts our show reminding us that quality is a journey and not a destination. He shares the career transformations he's gone through, starting in economics and growing into a Master of Health Care Quality and patient safety. Moataz gives an overview of the ISQua organization; as well as an introduction to the beautiful city of Jeddah where he lives. Moataz shares a career dark moment connected to the need of finding a suitable mentor. Moataz demonstrates how he leverages empowerment as an approach for building strong teams. He gives a number of best practices for promoting change and change management. Moataz tells us his strategy for using surveys to garner engagement. He shares his excitement for the growing focus for quality and safe patient safety in his country; and places a call to action for QI to become a standard curriculum for all healthcare disciplines. And closes our show with his best piece of career advice to do what you love · Connect with Moataz on LinkedIn · Access the Healthcare QualityCast LinkedIn Group · Leaves Us a Rating --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/healthcarequalitycast/message
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