42 minutes | Jan 25, 2021

High Performing Healthcare & Hospital Contracting with Ray O'Kelley | Ep.6

In this episode, Lisa is joined by Ray O'Kelley, CEO & Founder of Healthy Contracts and Business Data Applications, Inc. He has 25 years of healthcare software leadership experience, and helped to build MediTract to a 300 million dollar division. Ray is a Veteran, and retired United States Marine. He served ten years of active duty during the Persian Gulf War.   In this episode: Contract management systems Areas of opportunities for hospitals What does it really mean to have a contract review? Contract risk score Innovating with new technology Decision making with AI and Robotics Creating tables in contract management system Experts reviewing provision and agreements  Getting informed with where your organization is at   Resources: 🖥 https://www.healthycontracts.com 🖥 https://www.businessdataapps.com . Connect with Lisa: 🖥 https://viehealthcare.com 📱https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisamiller/ . Check out this episodes sponsor: 🖥 https://viehealthcare.com/category/invoice-roi/ .  
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