30 minutes | Jun 25, 2021

Healthcare Supply Chain Series: Re-Thinking Your GPO Strategy with John Reese | Ep.14

In this episode, Lisa and Rich are joined by John Reese, Senior Director of Health Solution at FTI Consulting. John has a wide range of experience with a focus on supply chain and expense reduction initiatives including pharmaceutical, IT, and other purchased services. John also has experience in workforce optimization including productivity improvement and KPI standardization as well as other EBITDA improvements.   In this episode: John's GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) and Supply Chain survey Direct contracting PPI (Physician Preference Item) Post negotiation analysis of PPI and maintaining cost savings Management of PPI Is your GPO costing you more money? GPO optimization  Purchased Services and your GPO strategy Ratio Benchmarking   Connect with John: 📱https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnreeseiii/ . Connect with Lisa: 🖥 https://viehealthcare.com 📱https://www.linkedin.com/in/lisamiller/ .
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