47 minutes | Jun 21st 2020

Dr. Peter Levine with Micheál O'Mathúna on Covid19, Fear, Trauma, Resilience, Presence + Shamanism

Dr. Peter Levine with Micheál O'Mathúna on Covid19, Fear, Trauma, Resilience, Presence + Shamanism   Find out more below... This interview was conducted by Micheál O’Mathúna who is a Journalist, Author, Filmmaker, Media Relations Consultant and Radio Show presenter. He also conducts one-to-one coaching, group coaching and delivers transformative workshops in various areas of health and wellbeing. He is also the founder of The Health Zone, which an inspiring, motivational and educational platform to empower people to be healthier, happier, more authentic and realise their true potential in their lives. You can find out more about Micheál O’Mathúna and The Health Zone here. You listen to every episode of The Health Zone here ------> http://www.thehealthzones.com/ Follow us on Instagram here ---> https://www.instagram.com/dhealthzone/ Follow us on Facebook here ----> https://www.facebook.com/thehealthzoneshow/ Follow us on Twitter here ---> https://twitter.com/dhealthzone Subscribe to our YouTube channel here ---> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkbZXDYJF_ypdjEmQk-BEIg ---> Join our Facebook Group here ---> https://www.facebook.com/groups/thehealthzone/ Peter tells us: ✓  How Fear is The Killer of The Mind ✓  The Importance of Opening Into The Fear ✓  How You Can Disassociate From Pain or Trauma in Your Body ✓  How Trauma Effects Whole Communities, Nations and The World ✓  How the Somatic Experiencing Method Can Promote Resilience During Covid19 ✓  How Emotional Pain Gets Stored In Your Body Cells  ✓  What You Can Learn From Shamanic Traditions in Healing Trauma ✓  How You Can Only Be Present For Another When You Are Present in Yourself    Dr Peter Levine, Ph.D. is the founder and pioneer of Somatic Experiencing® (SE®)and has made it his life-time’s work to continue developing it. He holds doctorates in both Medical Biophysics and Psychology. Dr Peter A. Levine received his PhD in medical biophysics from the University of California in Berkeley and also holds a doctorate in psychology from International University. He has worked in the field of stress and trauma for over 40 years and is the developer of the Somatic Experiencing® method. Peter’s original contribution to the field of Body-Psychotherapy was honoured in 2010 when he received the Lifetime Achievement award from the United States Association for Body Psychotherapy (USABP). That same year he also received the honorary Reis Davis Chair in Child Psychiatry for his innovative contribution to therapy for children and adolescents. Beginning in the 1970s, Peter’s explorations into how animals deal with threat led to the development of the Somatic Experiencing method, a method that is highly effective in dealing with the effects of overwhelm on our nervous system, called Somatic Experiencing® (SE™). SE™ is a clinical methodology based upon an appreciation of why animals in the wild are not traumatized by routine threats to their lives, while humans, on the other hand, are readily overwhelmed and often subject to the traumatic symptoms of hyperarousal, shutdown and dysregulation. Dr Levine was a stress consultant for NASA on the development of the space shuttle project and was a member of the Institute of World Affairs Task Force of Psychologists for Social Responsibility in developing responses to large-scale disasters and ethnopolitical warfare. He is also a Senior Fellow at The Meadows Addiction and Trauma Treatment Center in Wickenburg, Arizona. Levine’s international bestseller, Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma, has been translated into twenty-two languages. His recent interests include the prevention of trauma in children, and he has co-written two books, with Maggie Kline, in this area: Trauma Through a Child’s Eyes and Trauma-Proofing Your Kids. His most recent book: In an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness, was released to rave reviews.  https://somaticexperiencing.com/  
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