89 minutes | Jun 2, 2015

Kevin Callahan, CEO, Exeter Health Resources (Unabridged)

Today’s guest is Kevin Callahan, the CEO of Exeter Health Resources in Exeter New Hampshire. Kevin has been the CEO of Exeter Health Resources for nearly 30 years. His tenure spans many of the healthcare industry’s most tumultuous changes. Kevin describes himself as a person who thrives on the challenge of change, and in this interview he talks about how he has kept the organization adaptable. The original interview with Kevin is 90 minutes in length. I have produced an abridged, 45 minute version as well as the 90 minute version. Both the abridged and the unabridged versions are available here. You are listening to the unabridged version of the interview. If you wish to listen to the other version of the interview, please check the track list.
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