91 minutes | Nov 15, 2015

Daniel L. Andrus, Fire Chief for the City of Concord, NH

Are you a leader? How much do you trust your subordinates? Enough to let them strap you to a litter and let them lower you on a rope over the side of a 30 story sky scraper? Daniel Andrus, the Fire Chief for the City of Concord, New Hampshire, let his subordinates do exactly that. In today’s podcast, Dan tells the story of his 37 year career as a firefighter. Dan has a long list of credentials including master’s degrees in public administration and economics. He is, as he puts it, a continual learner. In addition to his role as fire chief, he serves on the boards of a number of non-profit organizations. This was one of the most educational podcasts for me that I have done so far because I knew very little about the organization and operations of the fire service. The fire service is a critical community resource that every health care executive should have an understanding of, so I was very pleased Dan took the time to share his story and I hope it is useful to health care executives as they think about emergency preparedness. This is the unabridged version of the interview. An abridged version is also available. Please see our website, http://healthleaderforge.org for more information.
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