55 minutes | May 12, 2019

E160: Dr. Chrisanne Gordon, MD – Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor

Her resume appears as preparation for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): training in science, internal medicine, and treatment of trauma; expertise in physical medicine and rehabilitation. She was already widely published in these fields, an invited lecturer and speaker, Board-certified in rehabilitation medicine, holding appointments at the Ohio State University (where she received her Doctor of Medicine), Riverside Methodist Hospital/Dublin Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Memorial Hospital of Union County in Marysville, Ohio; medical adviser for Columbus-area corporations such as Honda of America, Compuserve, Careworks of Ohio, to name a few. In 1996 she suffered the TBI discussed in this episode, and spent the next 2 years calling on all of the resources she had – mental, physical, financial, and spiritual – to work through her own recovery and find a new “normalcy.” Dr. Gordon is dearly familiar with the many obstacles to recovery from a TBI, including the profound depression that is generated when you are “out of your brain.” She has even written a book for which she is uniquely qualified as both a physician and a TBI survivor. Buy her book: Turn The Lights On! Visit her website: ChrisanneGordonMD.com
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