83 minutes | Jun 29th 2020

Ep. 16 Happy One Year Anniversary Haunting Hour!

Happy Anniversary Everyone!!! It's been one year and we are so thrilled to have such amazing listeners out there! Enjoy an expanded packed full show with all your favorite segments and thank you for everything!!! Much Love!!!

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Episode 16 Segments: Creepy Weekly News, Cemetery Serenity, PHD, Would You Rather and a Demonic Draft!

We are a podcast dedicated to exploring the paranormal and hauntings of the past and today in a variety of segments meant to inform while having a ton of fun :)

The Haunting Hour Podcast interacts with fans and listeners through submitted questions, topics and information with no subject too taboo. With a dozen different segments, including our famous demonic drafts, guest interviews, recent haunting news, attractions, and more, no two shows are ever the same!

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