8 minutes | Apr 16, 2019

Episode #14: Dennis Norris II, of Food 4 Thot, Goes Pot Shopping

As cannabis becomes legal across the country, the vast majority of Americans - over 80% - still haven’t been inside a licensed cannabis store. Maybe that even includes you! That’s OK - cannabis stores are still a pretty new thing in these United States. But that doesn’t mean your first dispensary visit to be an intimidating or stressful experience. Just ask Dennis Norris II, co-host of the delightful - and delightfully raunchy - podcast Food 4 Thot. We first met Dennis this February in Portland, while we were in town for the Listen Up podcast Festival. Dennis, who prefers gender-neutral pronouns “they and their," told me that they haven’t had many positive experiences with cannabis, and have hardly ever set foot in a dispensary. We ended up taking Dennis to Serra, a beautiful dispensary in the heart of downtown Portland, to follow them through their first real dispensary experience. Listen in as Dennis learns about a handful of various cannabis products, including Serra’s new line of gumdrops, before eventually settling on the perfect product for them.
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