7 minutes | Mar 19, 2019

Episode 11: Beats Antique Dish Up the Best Cannabis Products for Touring

Ask any musician — touring sucks. You don’t get enough sleep, you eat terribly, and injuries can afflict body and mind. Musicians often self-medicate with herb gifted from fans. But thanks to legalization — precise topicals and tinctures augment the mystery grass. Over the course of a decade and ten full-length albums, the Bay Area trio Beats Antique have honed their blend of pop, electro funk and wide-ranging global influences into a singular stew of party-starting exuberance. Traveling the world over and over again—David Satori and “Sidecar Tommy” Cappel have learned a few things. Backstage before their tour-closing show at Portland’s Crystal Ballroom, the band detailed the cannabis products that healed them, including Fairwinds’ Deep Sleep Tincture and Green Earth Medicinals’ Muscle Spray.
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