13 minutes | Dec 3rd 2019

Episode #77: I don't babysit. I PARENT.

January and Brandon are talking about dads and babysitting... more specifically whether or not dads are babysitting when they spend time with their kids. They discuss Brandon's bad luck in reading parenting "manuals," with the subject matter being quite funny to January, as you will hear! ============== Our "I don't babysit. I PARENT. -Dad" tee is back, with a new spin on a classic!  https://www.bonfire.com/i-dont-babysit-i-parent-dad/ This time around, our @dontforgetdads tee comes in a triblend unisex crew, a hoodie, a raglan, or a football jersey! https://www.bonfire.com/i-dont-babysit-i-parent-dad/ Order one for your husband or partner ASAP to receive it in time for the holidays! https://www.bonfire.com/i-dont-babysit-i-parent-dad/  
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