45 minutes | Oct 25th 2019

Episode #73: 'Those Women' Talk Postpartum!

January is joined by her good friend Nicole Streeter on this episode! Nicole is a birth photographer and owner & founder of Laurel & Fig Co https://laurelandfigco.com, and she joins January in talking about postpartum! They discuss the misunderstanding between the terms 'postpartum' vs 'postpartum depression', and strategies in preparing for the upcoming postpartum period.  Laurel & Fig Co https://laurelandfigco.com aims to prepare, love, and support postpartum moms by offering postpartum essentials to get you through the first few weeks. One of their newest products is the 'Postpartum Box' https://laurelandfigco.com/collections/featured/products/postpartum-box, which includes the following: 5 Mesh Undies, 8 Depends, 28 maternity pads, 4 Washable Breast pads, Earth Mama Booby Tubes, the Birth Without Fear Book, Nipple Balm, Perineal Balm, 7 prints of hand painted watercolor Birth Affirmations, and a Mudlove "Today" bracelet. January gave her own "Today" bracelet to Brandon, and it never leaves his wrist, always reminding him to stay present in the moment.
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