32 minutes | Apr 24th 2019

Episode #68: Show the F*ck Up

January and Brandon are back talking about showing up and facing fears. January reveals the backstory about what she almost did, or didn't do, in regards to her 3 Birth Without Fear Conferences in Australia. Brandon discusses how he faced his fears of being home with the 6 kids for 2 weeks and how he owned it like a boss. Also, January gets adamant about eating some bleepin' toast! ========== As mothers, we all need to have a health toolbox at our disposal. Organic CBD oil serves as a wonderful addition to a healthy plan of action for both you and your little one. Rooted Apothecary offers hemp derived CBD oil rollers, tinctures, and formulas that are designed for use by the entire family. https://rootedapoth.com From tummy and teething rollers that combine cannabidiol and essential oils in a diluted formulation specific to infants and toddlers to full-spectrum CBD oil that lessens anxiety and stress and is safe for breast feeding mothers, our products are one piece of a wellness regimen that allows mamas and children to make meaningful connections. Learn more about Rooted Apothecary by visiting https://rootedapoth.com  and use code “FAMILY” to save 10 percent off your order.  
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