46 minutes | Oct 15, 2021

Episode 274: Can’t Talk About Feelings & Feeling Like a Bad Person

Hello, friends. In this Q&A episode, I offer my thoughts on two very different but equally important questions relating to seeking help for depression when you feel you’re incapable of talking, and addressing the feeling of being a bad/inconsiderate friend and person in general. Question 1: Hope you do well. Well, I am a 28 years old woman, and I think I have depression. I took some online depression tests and the results said that I may have a severe depression. I feel sad most of the time, cry every day en route to work, I feel exhausted but because of my perfectionism I continue my routines, of course with no enthusiasm anymore. I have always been against the notion of suicide, but lately I began to think about it and that scared the hell out of me.  I am actually aware of my problems, the reasons I feel depressed and stressed are very obvious to me. I even know the ways that I can make myself feel better and I have tried them all but there was no progress. I have been thinking to go to a therapist, but the problem is that I can’t talk to anybody about my feelings. Not even to my fiance, it is not because he or others don’t understand. Actually, I know that they would be very supportive, the problem is me. I am incapable of talking, I can’t express myself without feeling shit afterwards. I keep blaming myself why did you talk, or why did you cry and… I told you all these to ask you what should I do? can I just go to a doctor for medical help, not the talking part? I just need these awful feelings to go away… Thanks in advance, love your podcast. Question 2: How do you fight off feelings of being a bad person? Lately I’ve been struggling with feeling like a bad friend, daughter, student, employee, etc. etc. I tend to forget to respond to texts and go periods of time without checking in on people (ex: me and my dad go weeks without talking sometimes, he lives far away and we both don’t text well and I don’t like phone calls). I also just feel like I can be selfish sometimes (ex: a guy I dated for a short while that I ended things with wants to be friends and I didn’t want to say no – I don’t have anything against him – but I get annoyed when talking with him so much so I don’t engage that much and then just imagine that doesn’t feel great for him). I feel like people think I’m a bad person because I keep doing things that are kind of shitty (ex: housesitting for a family member and inviting people over – nothing bad happened, just feels disrespectful to not ask and they have a ring doorbell so they know people were over). I don’t know if I’m overemphasizing these things in my head because when I try to think through it, there’s nothing huge that I’ve done that was bad but just a bunch of little inconsiderate things that add up. I just feel like shit about all of this. Sorry for the long-ass message, thank you for everything you do. Episode 274 – Related Posts As well as listening to the podcast, you can also find my thoughts on the questions in written format in these related posts! Question 1 – I Can’t Talk About My Feelings: Is Therapy Still An Option? – Duff The Psych Question 2 – How do you fight off feelings of being a bad person? – Duff The Psych Sponsor: This episode of Hardcore Self Help is sponsored by Felix Gray and Acorn TV. Felix Gray manufacture the Blue Light glasses that started it all. Get yourself a pair of glasses made for the 21st century and designed for modern, hardworking eyes.  Go to felixgrayglasses.com/duff for the best Blue Light glasses on the market and receive Free Shipping, Free Returns, and Free Exchanges. Acorn TV is a commercial-free streaming service that’s rooted in British television. Escape to Britain and beyond without leaving your seat and try Acorn TV free for 30 days, by going to acorn.tv and using the promo code duff when you sign up! Thanks for Listening! If you know someone else who might benefit from today’s show, please do share it with them. Send them a link or shoot over a screenshot, and share it on social media to show your support – you never know who needs to hear this type of information. Show request? Got a topic or a guest you’d like to appear on the show? Or interested in having Duff answer a question on the podcast? Please get in touch! Email Duff and maybe you’ll hear it on a future episode! Want to help out the show and Duff the Psych? Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Leave a podcast review on iTunes. These reviews really help Duff reach potential listeners, and he appreciates every one! Share the show on Facebook or Twitter. You can also buy Duff a cup of coffee, which helps fuel the energy that goes straight back into creating more content for YOU!   The post Episode 274: Can’t Talk About Feelings & Feeling Like a Bad Person appeared first on Duff The Psych.
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