36 minutes | Jul 16, 2021

Episode 261: Relationship Separation Anxiety & Anger at your Therapist’s Diagnosis

Hello, friends! In this Q&A episode, I take a look at two different questions relating to separation anxiety in adults and the worry your partner will leave you, and understanding negative emotions towards your therapist after they offer their thoughts on a diagnosis. Question 1: I recently started listening to your podcast and it finally pushed me to seek out therapy that I start Monday (thanks). Besides that, I have a question about anxiety attachment and separation anxiety in adults. My partner goes away a few weeks at a time 2-3 times a year and I join him part way through. But when he is away I get crippling anxiety about how he feels that he will decide to leave me while away ect. Since spending the last 1 year couped up together this has now even spread to when he is out without me. I must note that I came to the realisation that this has affected me in all relationships. I know that these feelings are irrational and that it’s unsustainable for me to keep getting sucked into make-believe situations. So my question is do you have tips in managing this and should I talk to my partner about the issues I have? Question 2: During my last session my therapist told me I meet all criteria for an eating disorder. I hated him the moment he said it- why do I feel so mad, hurt, and vulnerable? Episode 261 – Related Posts As well as listening to the podcast, you can also find my thoughts on the questions in written format in these related posts! Question 1 – What to do when Separation Anxiety is Threatening Your Relationship – Duff The Psych Question 2 – What To Do When Your Therapist Makes You Angry – Duff The Psych Sponsor: This episode of Hardcore Self Help is sponsored by BetterHelp. If you are in a mental health slump, consider reaching out to a licensed professional to help. BetterHelp has a large counselor network and you can begin chatting with someone very quickly. Check out betterhelp.com/duff to get 10% off your first month. Thanks for Listening! If you know someone else who might benefit from today’s show, please do share it with them. Send them a link or shoot over a screenshot, and share it on social media to show your support – you never know who needs to hear this type of information. Show request? Got a topic or a guest you’d like to appear on the show? Or interested in having Duff answer a question on the podcast? Please get in touch! Email Duff and maybe you’ll hear it on a future episode! Want to help out the show and Duff the Psych? Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Leave a podcast review on iTunes. These reviews really help Duff reach potential listeners, and he appreciates every one! Share the show on Facebook or Twitter. You can also buy Duff a cup of coffee, which helps fuel the energy that goes straight back into creating more content for YOU!   The post Episode 261: Relationship Separation Anxiety & Anger at your Therapist’s Diagnosis appeared first on Duff The Psych.
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