67 minutes | Sep 23rd 2020

Dethroning Content Creation - Amber Khan - Hard Corps Marketing Show #208

For years we have been hearing that content is king. However, what is the value of that content if it is not promoted for our audience to see and consume?

A Marketing Leader, Keynote Speaker, Author of Best Selling Book Guilt-Free Motherhood, Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of GroBizNiz, Founder and CEO of Repurpose Den, Amber Khan, delves into the power of repurposing content.



  • Most marketing companies spend the majority of their budgets on content creation, leaving a smaller amount for promotion. If you flip that around, then people can find your content!
  • Content repurposing takes a long piece of content and creates experiential content out of it in the form of short videos, blog posts, quotes, etc. There are over 40 organic ways to repurpose!
  • Creating a brand experience using repurposed content at each stage of the buyer’s cycle can be the difference between a casual viewer and a subscriber.
  • A book is a great way to round up highlights from all of your content in one place, along with building authority and brand.
  • Career advice: Do not rush into things and do not let assumptions hinder your experiences.




Busted Myths:

  • Content promotion or creating a content experience is king. Creating good content is not enough nowadays. Make the most out of it by promoting it so that people can find your content.


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