26 minutes | Mar 3, 2020

What debt can do to your money mindset

Have you think about the impact it could have on your money mindset having a bad administration of your debt? Well, perhaps you didnt until now, because there is something else hidden on debt that you need to know and apply next time that you want to swipe your credit card and pay later on.Are ready to create financial wealth by JUST BEING YOURSELF?, then what are you waiting your for to enroll The MLW Academy? Find all the details here: https://alejandrar.thinkific.com/pages/coming_soonIf you enjoyed this episode and want to make my day, take a screenshot and tag me on instagram @alejandra_coach! And if you want to receive a special discount on The Mindset Leverage Wealth Academyopening doors this first of April, head over Itunes leave a 5 stars review and send the screenshot of it when you do it to helpme@alejandrar.com so we can send you more gratitude your WAY.
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