20 minutes | Feb 25, 2020

The 3 parts/phases of your entrepreneurial life you gotta forgive to create wealth

If you are going to fix your money mindset, realizing that you need to is the hardest step there is. And you have already done it. On this episode, I’m gonna walk you through the 3 phases you gotta forgive in order to create wealth (Specially as entrepreneur). This episode complements beutifully my blog post here https://alejandrar.com/2019/12/08/fix-money-mindset/ Because there is nothing better to create wealth than getting rid of any pending thing on this 3 phases.If you enjoyed this episode and want to make my day, take a screenshot and tag me on instagram @alejandra_coach!And if you want to receive a special discount on The Mindset Leverage Wealth Academyopening doors this first of April, head over Itunes leave a 5 stars review and send the screenshot of it when you do it to helpme@alejandrar.com so we can send you more gratitude your WAY.
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