37 minutes | Sep 29, 2021

HH#429: Skye Jethani

My guest for The Happy Hour #429 is Skye Jethani. Skye Jethani is the host of The Holy Post podcast and an author of several incredible books, including What If Jesus Was Serious? In today’s show, Skye dives into how crucial discipleship is in the church and why homogenous communities cause us to miss out on the ways God can change us through other people. So many things we consume form our views, and it causes us to look for excuses to dismiss the teachings of Christ. I really appreciated when Skye said “The real problem we’re facing today is not that our culture doesn’t take Jesus seriously, it’s that the church doesn’t. And if the church doesn’t take Him seriously then why would we expect the culture to?” For the full summary and links to the show, click the link below! Connect with Jamie Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube GET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERE See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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