46 minutes | Sep 6, 2020

#254: Achieving Physician Freedom | Francis Yoo DO

“What I am enslaved by is what everyone else expects of me.” Dr. Francis Yoo spent years in corporate clinical medicine, following a path he was encouraged to take, before realizing he was sacrificing what truly mattered to him. After reflecting on what he was passionate about in medicine, he opened his own practice, Hamptons Osteopathy, to focus on OMT and holistic healing practices. He’s now coaching physicians to help them break free and live their fulfilled, authentic lives. Check out Dr. Yoo’s website drfrancisyoo.com References to the books and courses mentioned in the show, links to the video stream, and episode transcript are on our website thehappydoc.com Thank you for listening! If you enjoyed this episode, please take a moment to rate us in Apple Podcasts, and share with another physician. You just might change someone’s life! This episode is sponsored by: allglobalcircle.com
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