69 minutes | Nov 22nd 2015

Photography and Mindful Mothering with Oana Hogrefe, Episode 4

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Highlights of Our Conversation

  • How Oana got into photography
  • Her background in science (She has a PhD in physics!) and web development in the corporate world
  • Creativity in software development and working with an international team
  • Creativity is problem solving, letting go, releasing inhibitions, and expressing your inner self
  • Crafting your own life, through the choices you make every day.
  • Tons of tips for how to take good photographs
  • How to have a good photo shoot when working with a professional photographer, and what not to do
  • Advice for you when you’re taking pictures of your own kids, especially for getting good shots when you’re trying to do “special pictures” such as a family photograph…
  • What NOT to do in your family photo shoots
  • Murphy’s Law when it comes to group photos
  • Oana’s hierarchy of what’s important for how to get the best photograph: expression, light, and background.
  • Why you can find Oana in back alleys taking photos instead of out by the pretty fountain…
  • Her charities
  • What creativity means to her
  • Letting go and relaxing and really listening to our children and being responsive to them.
  • Why she got into homeschooling and what that looks like for her.
  • The benefits of having her own photography business and how she has kept it as something that brings her joy
  • How homeschooling allows her to be creative as well
  • How she encourages her children to be creative 

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