60 minutes | Jun 5th 2016

Holding Space for Each Other and Ourselves with Carina Lyall, Episode 10

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Carina Lyall empowers women through creating a compassionate space for them to be heard and gather in community through her storywork sessions and women’s circles.

Carina is such an honest, wise, fun, and down-to-earth woman, and I was so encouraged by our conversation. As women, we have the power to uplift one another and ourselves through providing that compassionate space, and that is my wish for all of us.


  • When becoming a mother isn’t how we imagined it would be...
  • Postpartum depression and difficult feelings
  • The healing power of story in her own life
  • Becoming a mother of three girls
  • Why she chose to do storywork rather than coaching
  • Social media and the challenge of finding time for friends
  • Honoring the everyday
  • Women’s circles
  • Honoring our body’s need for rest, even when others may not understand or approve
  • Knowing ourselves intimately and holding space for ourselves when we feel emotional
  • Getting to know our own cycles and passing our knowledge on to our daughters
  • Quiet moments of self-care


  • “It’s quite special I think to just allow someone to have a voice without going in there to fix them or going in to strategize how they’re going to come out the other end, just giving a woman a breathing space to say this is how I felt, and this is what happened to me, and not making them feel wrong for having that experience.” ~Carina Lyall
  • “It ain't no sin, to take off your skin and dance around in your bones.” ~Tom Waits

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