51 minutes | Mar 23rd 2016

Harnessing Our Superpowers! with Rebecca Kane, Episode 08

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Rebecca Kane is the owner of Your Shero’s Journey, and I’m thrilled to have her on the podcast. Rebecca is a travel guide for women on their own shero’s journey. She’s a stay-at-home mum of an almost-two-year-old, and is extremely knowledgeable about harnessing our superpowers as women, as well as kinesiology and raw food and letting go of any limiting beliefs that are holding us back. We talked about so much good stuff: honoring our energy cycles, letting go of limiting beliefs, how she gets things done, and even the healthy juices and smoothies she’s loving these days.

Highlights of Our Conversation:

  • How motherhood has changed her life
  • Her background in kinesiology and raw food, and her journey to where she is today
  • Tapping into our wisdom and intuition
  • Releasing our limiting beliefs
  • The elastic band
  • Energy healing, and how it’s like magic!
  • What emotions really are…
  • Honoring our energy cycles
  • Using our superpowers!
  • Practical applications of knowing our own cycles and the moon cycles
  • Do you know this? (Most women don’t.)
  • The benefits of taking good care of ourselves
  • How she finds time to create and run her business as a stay-at-home mum
  • Her own self-care essentials
  • The energy-clearing meditations she uses herself and offers for FREE on her website
  • Her favorite juices and smoothies

Quotes from This Episode by Rebecca Kane:

  • “It’s not so much about changing, it’s about releasing the limiting beliefs that we have, so that we can really connect with ourselves and that real sense of who we are, and when we have that, we have a huge sense of clarity, and it makes everything else in life and all the choices in life so much easier.”
  • “Each month we get the chance to start again.”
  • “Emotions are just energy in motion.”

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