21 minutes | Mar 15th 2017

Bullet Journaling: What, Why, and How to Get Started, Episode 19

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  • How I got into bullet journaling #bujo
  • Thank you, Elsie!
  • Before bullet journal #bebujo
  • What makes a bullet journal different
  • Why the index is such a game changer
  • How The Happiness Project inspired my habit tracker chart
  • Ben Franklin’s 13 Virtues chart
  • My search for a doable charting system
  • My advice for how to use your bullet journal
  • How I use my bullet journal
  • The Five Minute Journal questions
  • Keeping it free…
  • How I do my Habit Tracker Chart
  • My new habit
  • My new month routine
  • What’s so great about the actual journals
  • Heather says Leuchtturm about 6 times…http://amzn.to/2m010rZ
  • Jar of Awesome
  • It’s your thing. Do what you wanna do.
  • Daddy! The bullet journal is like the pocket journal.
  • What you track, grows.
  • Benefits of bullet journaling
  • How to get started bullet journaling
  • How I draw my habit chart
  • Podfest
  • My listener Laura and I met on a plane!
  • Shout outs to fellow podcasters: Steph and Val at Wine to Five, Sarah at Simple Change, Honor Knight of the Soiled Restroom Cinema Podcast, Copper Yuenger of Life Under the Laundry Pile, Amanda Doughty of The Great Beer Adventure, Brian Musial of Health Geeks Radio, Ryan Gray of the PreMed Years, Jeff Sanders of the 5 AM Miracle, Jessica Kupferman and Elsie Escobar of She Podcasts, Deb Williams of Financial Karma, Katie Krimitsos of Biz Women Rock, Jessica Rhodes of Interview Connections, and Tina Dietz of The Start Something Show


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