37 minutes | Jun 26th 2017

Body Love: How I Lost 17 Pounds, Episode 21

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Welcome to Season 3 of the Happiness Mama Podcast with Heather Ash! Season 3 is all about Self-Love... Loving ourselves, body, mind, and spirit. This episode is about loving our body. I talk about how I lost 17 pounds in less than 7 months and got stronger and fitter in an easy, very doable, fun way!

Listen and learn tips and strategies for creating your own new healthy habits. Enjoy!


  • My weight journey
  • Pregnancy weight gain
  • Postpartum priorities
  • How I’d rather not be motivated to lose weight and get in shape
  • The foundational mindset for losing weight and getting in shape (or making any other changes in your life)
  • The biggest factor in my weight loss success
  • The second biggest factor in my weight loss success
  • Dealing with imperfection
  • Imperfect dieting and exercise
  • The slow carb diet by Tim Ferriss
  • The key to losing weight
  • Real weight training results
  • Surprising results after climbing a mountain
  • How to make your habits stick
  • Surprising nerd results: What the charts revealed...
  • Creating a self-love mindset: Body Love Affirmations
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Thank you so much for listening! I hope this podcast helps you love yourself more, body, mind, and spirit. Love to you!


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