67 minutes | Feb 17, 2020

Episode 108. The Great Navy Birds of Lake Michigan with Taras Lyssenko.

In this Episode, Pete and Ed talk with Author, Archaeologist, Aviation Historian Taras Lyssenko.  He Authored the book - The Great Navy Birds of Lake Michigan and recovered nearly 40 aircraft from Lake Michigan. Taras is the T from A and T Recovery. A and T Recovery (Allan Olson and Taras Lyssenko) is an American company that has the primary purpose to locate and recover once lost WWII US Navy aircraft for presentation to the American public. They have recovered nearly forty such aircraft, mainly from Lake Michigan. The aircraft were lost during the aircraft carrier qualification conducted out of the former NAS Glenview that was located north of Chicago. The Navy had used two ships, the USS Wolverine (IX-64) and the USS SAble (IX-81), to qualify thousands of Pilots. Thanks for listening and stay tuned for more great aviation talk at the Hangardeck.
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