31 minutes | May 20th 2020

Making Your Virtual Event Not Suck

If you're in business or sales, you've likely experienced an event/conference being outright canceled or turned into a virtual event. And while many of us roll our eyes at the mere thought of attending another Zoom call--the truth is virtual events are here to stay. So how do we make them not suck?In this episode, I'm diving into the key takeaways of what makes for a great virtual conference or event so you can apply those tips to your own meetup without, ya know, breaking social distancing rules. For my logistics people, if you participated in Freightwaves Live at Home event, you know exactly what I'm about to discuss. Check the timestamps to jump to a specific topic. Watch the video for this show: https://youtu.be/-iEjF3LleeACheckout Freightwaves Live at Home content: https://live.freightwaves.com/Links mentioned during the show:Creating your 2020 Content PlanPodia's insight into a great virtual retreatiBreakthrough Virtual Event SoftwareSwitcher Studios broadcasting softwareMy personal website links: Logistics marketing: Digital DispatchEntreprenuer cheat codes: Bonjour with Blythe
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