9 minutes | Apr 16th 2020

How Waitressing Can Set You Up For Success

Everyone knows the restaurant industry is currently in shambles with the on-going drama from the ‘Rona. This global pandemic has left thousands--possibly millions--without the income they’re used to earning by waiting tables and serving drinks.As an 8-year FOH worker who waitressed at many restaurants, golf courses, bars, and events, I can tell you with confidence the skills I learned while waiting tables help me run two businesses and several side hustles. In this show, I break down those 4 skills that hopefully will inspire my fellow SIN workers to either continue their path in the industry—Or to find a new career to fuel their passions.  About This Show:Bonjour with Blythe covers the wins, losses, and lifestyle around being a present-day entrepreneur.Contrary to popular belief, freelancing and entrepreneurialism are not all working out of coffee shops and taking insta-friendly vacations. There are real challenges (and tears!) involved with running your own business. But there are also a lot of perks; which host Blythe Brumleve hopes to share both sides of the coin in this show. Check out the blog (linked above) to find links to past shows, videos, and stalk me on your social network of choice. Unless you're a Titans fan. Then you're just mental. 
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