42 minutes | Oct 1, 2020

The Guerrero Who Was a DREAMer: Growing up as an undocumented immigrant & the obstacles of pursuing an education

THE INTERVIEW--This Guerrero talks to us about the obstacles that he encountered while trying to navigate being an undocumented student. From the very beginning he knew his purpose was to pursue a career that allowed him to help as many people as he could. It wasn't until he made the decision to continue his education that he was faced with the reality of how much more difficult this path would be for him. --It would only make sense for the first episode of this podcast to include the most important person in my life. My husband. Being that this is the first episode, I completely forgot what the rules of the podcast were and forgot to conceal his identity. Nonetheless, I still believe that his story needs to be shared. --If you'd like to follow this Guerrero you can find him at @Nvpro on Instagram. ❤--DACA Resources:https://www.americanimmigrationcouncil.org/research/dream-act-daca-and-other-policies-designed-protect-dreamershttps://www.uscis.gov/archive/consideration-of-deferred-action-for-childhood-arrivals-dacahttps://www.thedream.us/resources/
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