38 minutes | May 25, 2021

The Guerrero Who Chose to Fight for Love, Family and His Career : Learning to Balance Being a Husband, Father, and Paramedic

THE INTERVIEW--The Guerrero in today's episode talks to us about the major impact that his wife has had on his life. The conversation starts by giving us insight into Carlos and Paola's love story.  Just like most love stories, it wasn't always rainbows and butterflies at the beginning. Carlos had to learn how to balance his relationship and family to keep everyone happy. We also get to hear about what the fire academy was like for Carlos and how he managed to make it through paramedic school with a pregnant wife at home. This episode is all about loyalty and resilience. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it! --Get involved with the podcast @fearlessfriendsclub on Instagram & TikTok. You can also follow the facebook page to keep yourself more involved!
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