40 minutes | Nov 3, 2020

The Guerrero Who Came Out in a Latin Community: Choosing to live authentically & making it a safe space for others to do the same

Please be advised that I am still trying to figure out my audio difficulties, I hope to have this resolved soon. I'd prefer for you guys to be able to hear our guest better than myself. Thank you for understanding! ❤--THE INTERVIEW--The Guerrero we talk to in today's episode talks to us about how his sexual orientation impacted his life and how his latin community responded. The conversation dives into how both his friend group and family reacted to him living his truth. The Guerrero talks about what it's been like to live his life unapologetically and how that's led him to create a safe space for others to be themselves around him. --!DISCLAIMER!Every guest will have the choice to keep their identity confidential. If you feel like you know who the person is that is being interviewed please keep it to yourself so we can continue to create a safe space for people to tell their stories. --Get involved with the podcast @theguerrerospodcast on Instagram & TikTok. You can also follow the facebook page to keep yourself more involved!
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