34 minutes | Jul 16th 2019

093: Brittany Welk on Using Software to Maximize Results in Your Studio

As someone that really understands how to use tools and software to be more efficient in her studio, Brittany’s been featured in Loud Rumor’s Virtual Training platform, shared on stage at GSDCON, and STILL has so much value to deliver that I had to bring her back in to share how she leverages software to grow and scale her fitness business. 


⭐️TOPIC: Using Software to Increase Value, Profits, and Efficiency in Your Business


🚀What you’ll learn:

✔︎ The software solutions Brittany has used to 10x her business

✔︎ How to manage your pipeline to streamline your sales process 

✔︎ Managing internal communication to make employees more efficient 

✔︎ Strategies for building value with your prospect lists

✔︎ How to spend less time training your employees

✔︎ The perspective of marketing that will skyrocket your business

✔︎ Why studios who don’t embrace technology will die

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