45 minutes | Jan 18, 2018

Well Dressed Villains: Always Make the Investment

The first episode of the GrUBcast Season 3 is up!   Today’s episode features Rah and J. Vargas the Investment, better known as the Hip Hop group the Well Dressed Villains. Throughout the episode we keep a focus on their musical journey, discussing the state of hip-hop today and the importance of investing time, effort, and authenticity towards your passion.   As an artist in any form, the journey to truly mastering your craft is never linear. It’s difficult to shut down naysayers, find your own niche and most importantly building the right team to move the art to the next level. On today’s episode the Well Dressed Villains and I talk about everything from how they got started, the evolution of hip-hop, the difference between pulling vs. pushing as an artists, and why they’re continuing to follow their dreams despite the obstacles that are thrown their way. Whether you’re a musician, a painter, or aren’t artistically inclined at all, there’s a multitude of advice to learn from here. You can really hear the passion in their voices and I know you’ll appreciate their story and knowledge throughout the episode.    Definitely check out their music on Spotify, Instagram, and Facebook by searching for "Well Dressed Villains". And most importantly their new album "Hide Your Valuables" drops this month (January 2018!) so keep an eye out for that as well.   Be sure to leave your comments, rate us on iTunes and continue to share the cast on all of your social media networks! That’s how the GrUBfam continues to grow and you never know who might benefit from hearing someone else’s story.   With that said ya’, have an incredible weekend, much love, and as always, keep eating.
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