22 minutes | Feb 1, 2018

Soundbites Ep. 13: Hakuna Matata

Welcome Welcome Welcome ya to the first segment of Soundbites for season 3! Today I want to encourage you all to stop worrying so much about things that are out of your control.    Every month I'll talk about a topic that’s been coming up in my everyday conversation, I'll discuss a couple of the top news stories of the month, and then I'll close it out with your monthly dose of positivity.    When it comes to achieving our own dreams and goals we are often our own worst enemy. We question and worry about so many possible outcomes that we end up stagnant, not taking any action at all and in turn, delay possible success. So today I want to remind you of a phrase we all (hopefully) learned as children. Hakuna Matata = No worries. Let’s all try to use this childhood message to push ourselves further as adults.    Please let me know of what you think of this episode and leave your feedback here or rate us on iTunes. I’d really appreciate it.  With that said ya’, have a great weekend, much love, and as always, keep eating.
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