61 minutes | Jul 16th 2019

66 - PRACTICAL TIPS to Manifest + Take Inspired Action ft. Bri Seeley

"I don't believe in manifesting..." I couldn't ever wrap my brain around it. My science brain. I just didn't believe it! So, when I had someone reach out to me about being a guest on my podcast and they wanted to talk about manifesting, but make it tangible and practical, I was all over it!

Enter Bri Seeley! Bri is a  has been described as a "born catalyst", "natural truth-teller" and has been featured on NBC’s The TODAY Show, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Yahoo!, Thrive Global, Medium, New Day Northwest, and Huffington Post. She has a history in counseling, psychology and entrepreneurship, and combines a lifetime of experience with psychological concepts, hypnotherapy and Universal Laws to help others create and walk the path to their desired future. Today, she helps us dig deep and get REAL PRACTICAL + TANGIBLE about manifestation, how we can better do it and how we can align manifestation with taking more intentional, inspired action toward creating live we f'ing love!

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