19 minutes | Oct 13, 2020

117 - 3 Tips to Help You Work LESS & LIVE More

Us high-achieving? We're queens of overwork, overwhelm, and over-commitment? We identify so much with our work, get so much validation from our productivity, and identify so much with our achievement that we can struggle to stop working. But what does that lead to... 10-12 hour workdays... A 7-day work week... Vacations that, well, never happen... And what does all that lead to? Burnout and lives with no room for living, having fun, and enjoying our hobbies and passions. In today's episode, you'll get 3 easy tips for working less and living more. These tips will help you create greater boundaries in your life, greater separation from your work, and more time to do all the things (other than your job) that make you YOU! It may not be easy...but it's necessary! For show notes, head to coachellyn.com/podcast and, of course, if you have any questions or want to connect, head on over to @coachellyn on Instagram. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/tbydl-podcast/message
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