69 minutes | Mar 2nd 2021

EP39 - Nice Guys Finish Last?

Ever meet a guy and think "He's so nice"... and the thought ended there? No "I'm going to give him my number" after thought, or no immediate urge to go check out his IG to see if he's got any "entanglements".  Well, that's because you basically friend-zoned him in your mind and you no longer view him as a viable dating candidate.  Why is that if he's such a nice guy?This week, Stefany and Nia talk about the "Nice guys finish last" stereotype, dating someone that checks of all the boxed versus dating for true love, and how "settling" ties into all of this. Tune in to join this hot conversation and hear what the ladies had to say.Contact Featured Guest:Nia   IG: @nia_audri & @be.you.bodybeadsContact Host: Stefany SweetThe GrownupIsh PodcastIG: @the_grownup_ish_podcastTwitter: @TheGrownupishEmail: Grownupishpod@gmail.com
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