52 minutes | Apr 27th 2021

EP 47 - Ex Etiquette

What are the rules when you're thinking of dating your Ex's friend? What about when you're thing about dating your friend's ex, how does that work? .. Are these violation that could get you in a messy situation, but should we all be adults about it and let love win?These are the question Nia and Stefany will be discussing on this episode. Nia confessed to some stuff and they both had some pretty interesting takes on the matter. Listen in on this latest episode and hear what the girls had to say on this one.Contact Host: Stefany Sweet and Nia AudriThe GrownupIsh PodcastIG: @the_grownup_ish_podcastTwitter: @TheGrownupishEmail: Grownupishpod@gmail.com
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