45 minutes | Apr 20th 2021

EP 46 - Friends & Lovers

Have you ever had a great friend whom you vibed with so well? And one day things just gradually escalade to more? All of a sudden you're in a relationship. Or have you dated someone whom you realized was better fit as just a friend and nothing more to you? Well on this episode, Stefany and Nia talk about friends turned lovers, and lovers that turn into friends. The transition is not always easy and things can get messy. You might get a lover, but possible lose a friend if things don't work out. Is it work the risk? Tune in to hear what the girls have to say about that. Contact Host: Stefany Sweet and Nia AudriThe GrownupIsh PodcastIG: @the_grownup_ish_podcastTwitter: @TheGrownupishEmail: Grownupishpod@gmail.com
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