71 minutes | Mar 16th 2021

EP 41 - That's A Deal Breaker.

When getting into a relationship, its always important to be aware of any red flags that come up, and communicate your "deal breaks" to your partner.  These deal breakers would be anything you're NOT willing to put up with or tolerate within your relationship. By doing this, you're basically setting your boundaries and setting the tone for how you want your relationship to go. This week Nia and Stefany are talking al about "Deal Breakers" in relationships. Tune in and find out their takes from the single and married perspective.  Contact Featured Guest:Nia   IG: @nia_audri & @be.you.bodybeadsContact Host: Stefany SweetThe GrownupIsh PodcastIG: @the_grownup_ish_podcastTwitter: @TheGrownupishEmail: Grownupishpod@gmail.com
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