52 minutes | Nov 9th 2020

EP 24 - 45 You Are Fired (Feat. Daja Renae)

I think it's safe to say that the 2020 elections have been very eventful and full of suspense. We even got quite a bit of drama and some action as well.

This week I was joined by Jada Renae, a fellow podcaster and host of the "Shot Of Facts" podcast. Together we discussed the emotionally draining events of the week regarding the elections and we got to celebrate the announcement that Biden has been projected to be the winner and is now the President Elect. Must to Trump's dismay since he has yet to concede his lose of the race.

Tune in as Daja and I discuss our feeling about this historic event, the fears and hopes we have for Vice President Kamala Harris, and the concerns we have about how Trump and his supporters are taking this obvious defeat.

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