32 minutes | May 20, 2021

Episode #58: What Are Frequency Tones and How to Use Them with Matt Aponte

This episode of the Grow2Gether Podcast is from our Grow2Gether Live event where we're joined by Coach and Entrepreneur Matt Aponte. Matt, who is a Founder & CEO, Personal Empowerment Coach, Firestarter Certified NLP Practitioner, Master Certified Leadership Coach and Published Author. His own personal empowerment journey started 12 years ago when he was completely broke, going through a divorce, stealing electricity, about to get evicted from his apartment being 3 months behind with rent, recovering from a back injury and just had watched his car get towed away in a repossession. Since then, Matt has completed changed his situation and now has a powerful mission of helping serve as many people as he can to truly unlock their own limitless potential. During this episode, we touch upon Matt's journey while focusing on how you can change how you think, feel and how productive you are through the power of tones and biohacking brain frequencies. Important links and mentions: Connect with Matt on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/themattaponte/ Learn more about brain frequencies and the use of tones: https://more.themattaponte.com/ Learn more about Grow2Gether: https://www.letsgrow2gether.com Let us know what you think about this episode by commenting below and if you liked this episode, it would mean the world to us if you could hit the subscribe button!
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