67 minutes | Nov 12, 2019

#005: Joe Egender & Leeor Kaufman - Co-Creators of the Netflix series, Un-Natural Selection

Joe Egender & Leeor Kaufman are the Co-Creators and Co-Directors of the Nextflix series: Un-Natural Selection.DNA, the very essence of life, can now be altered. Not only by Harvard geneticists and multi-billion dollar corporations, but also by renegade biohackers working out of their garages.This is the world we now live in. CRISPR, a new revolutionary gene-editing tool so simple, precise, and inexpensive that experts are calling it the most positively life-changing and potentially dangerous discovery in the history of mankind. The implications are endless - eradicating disease, designing human beings, wiping out entire species or even creating new ones. ​Given the power of these technologies, should they be regulated or democratized? And who will make these decisions? The four-episode series, Unnatural Selection follows character-driven stories from leading scientists to desperate patients to boundary-pushing biohackers as they each embark on a quest to reach their goals while confronting moral, societal, and technological challenges unlike any humanity has ever faced before.For more info and to see behind the scenes photos go to The Groove PodcastHead over to TheGroovePodcast.com to get more information.Don't forget to subscribe, like and post some love wherever you listen to podcasts.Also, if you would like to support the podcast, head over to our Patreon page and join up! Any love would be appreciated.
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