40 minutes | Apr 10, 2015

GBS8: Why People Buy

Click here to listen to the show (https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/gbs8-why-people-buy/id975991464?i=339672042&mt=2) Once you understand the psychology (motivations!) behind why people buy from you, it becomes easier to tailor your offering, market your business and convert prospects to sales and repeat customers.  Understanding the motivations as to why people buy from you at different stages is key to running a successful business.  During this week’s show we talk about how the reasons people buy from you change at different times and in different situations. We also chat about the key reasons that people buy from you (it’s not what you think!) and why price is often the No.1 excuse for people not to buy. (https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/gTp7zVo0D4ma7M4jnuyHwmvlu4A3sSa5spOnbrU-ergwQz53zca_BAQOns5LdvU43Xs8X-YBapYsyWJPpd13uQ=s0) Listen here Click here to listen to the show (https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/gbs8-why-people-buy/id975991464?i=339672042&mt=2) Subscribe here Click here to Subscribe to the Gritty Business Show on iTunes  (https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-gritty-business-show/id975991464)and listen on your phone or tablet. To find out more about subscribing or to add the show to your Android or Windows devices, please click here (http://grittybusinessshow.com/subscribe-to-podcast/).   In this episode, we covered;   * What people are looking for when buying from a service based business * Speed, Ease, Credibility, Quality and Trust  - to name a few... * For the full list of Key Reasons of Why People Buy, download below * Making it easy to buy from you * The power of reviews and personal referrals/recommendations * Establishing and building trust - don’t underestimate getting the basics right! * Reasons people buy; it’s not always what you think * Excuses people don’t buy; price is often the No.1 excuse * Why people repeat buy and to keep customers for the long term * How 'what' we buy reinforces our lifestyle choices and the way we want to live * The importance of listening first, then selling * People buy what they want, not what YOU think they need - hear Julie’s example of being sold the ‘science’, when what she really wants is the action plan!     Tips * Listen first, then adapt * Solve their problems, provide the solution to their need first * Use responses to your ‘pitch’ to understand obstacles to get over * Make it easy for people to
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