42 minutes | Mar 31, 2015

GBS6: How to get more leverage in your business

So many of us are missing out on opportunities to create more leverage in our businesses - whether that be missing out on opportunities to earn more money, save time or purely attract more customers, there’s LOTS of ways you can create leverage in your business and this episode we talk about some of the key ones and how to get started. We talk about what we really mean by ‘creating more leverage’, talk through some of the models that we love and have worked for us and some of our clients. We also talk about some tips that can help you at the different stages of growing your business. Listen here Subscribe here Click here to Subscribe to the Gritty Business Show on iTunes  (https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-gritty-business-show/id975991464)and listen on your phone or tablet. To find out more about subscribing or to add the show to your Android or Windows devices, please click here (http://grittybusinessshow.com/subscribe-to-podcast/).   In this episode, we covered; * What we actually mean by ‘leverage’?! * How to really start maximising the value in your business * The different areas you can look at to leverage * Knowledge * Industry experience * Product * Services * Other people’s experience * We take you through a number of key leveraging models * Creating information products * Speaking model * The Associate model * Industry experience model * Network model * The Tool model * Talk about the reasons and excuses people have for not creating leverage sooner in their business   Ideas & Tips * Create your mindmap - where are the overlaps in your business already? where are you providing the same deliverables * Mapping out your process * Being REALLY clear on your customer problems * Reminder that you don’t have to deliver EVERYTHING yourself - where can you collaborate or partner to deliver some of your process, content or product? * Auditing your current assets - what have you already got that you can turn into ‘products’, be part of a process and reuse as content. Think about talks, presentations, courses you’ve already created and how they can be leveraged further….!     Links and Resources mentioned in this episode Books: Bold, Shaun Smith & Andy Mulligan (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bold-How-Brave-Business-Win/dp/0749463449/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1427299573&sr=1-2&keywords=bold)   Great stuff we’ve seen, liked and recommend checking out! iPhone 6 ‘World Photo Gallery
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